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Promoting Your Videos For No Or Low Cost

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Q:  This question comes from a Facebook discussion last week. A fellow videographer questioned “Won’t the cost of marketing your videos be too expensive after you consider all the costs of producing it?”

A:  First, before I answer I want to stress that before you turn on your camera or think about marketing, have you done your research to determine 1) do you have a market of interested potential customers and 2) do they have money to buy and will they spend it?

That said, I’ll continue…

Well, marketing is not just about advertising, although advertising is a part of it. Letting people know your videos are available can be expensive if you ineffectively throw money at it. Alternately, you can use many of the low or no-cost methods we employ. In general, getting the word out fast and widely is expensive; taking a slower, low cost route can be much less expensive and more effective. (Hint: employing these strategies is also an excellent way to determine if you have a market and who they are.)

Ten of our most successful free and low cost strategies are:

Google Search Site Showing Our Car Detailing DVD Listed

1)  Free video sharing sites like YouTube, eHow, Vimeo, etc. Search for Car Detailing DVD and you’ll likely see the thumbnail and link to our YouTube movie come up high in the organic search. We get many of our sales of that DVD through YouTube.

2)  Article publishing at sites such as eZineArticles.com.

3)  Participate in forums.

4)  Blogging. My article on HD cameras was picked up by InternetVideoMag.com and has generated thousands of visitors to this site since it ran. It is still my number one traffic generator 5 months later.

5)  Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

6)  Email marketing. We started doing this first and hands down, it’s been the most profitable so far. We use and advise going through an email program. Ours is Constant Contact and we do pay a monthly fee which is based on the number of subscribers. AWeber is also another highly recommended service.

7)  Small display ads in very targeted publications.

8)  Ongoing classified ads in targeted publications.

9)  Banner ads on other sites.

10) Pay Per Click (PPC). Don’t just jump into this without understanding some of the basics. It can be effective if you know how to use it, or it can be incredibly expensive and wasteful. We use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

The basic tenets of marketing to reach customers is the same as marketing to reach clients. For optimum success you do need to understand what those are. If you do, you will realize that marketing is the number one investment you need to make in your business, yet it doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive. One valuable resource we use to help us market wisely is Jessica Swanson, Shoestring Marketing .

Both of them are excellent marketers (we found Steve through seeing his name pop up on forums and Jessica via Twitter) and both have great, common sense advice on their sites and programs we’ve taken and highly recommend.

**We are affiliates of some of the sites we recommend but only if we believe and use the products. We are not affiliate marketers in the usual sense.


4 Responses to “Promoting Your Videos For No Or Low Cost”
  1. Nice job, Rick -and thanks for the mention. Always appreciated!

    There are a couple of inexpensive ways to get your videos out on video sharing sites with basically a couple of clicks. One, Traffic Geyser, runs $100 a month. Too rich for my blood. I use a free video distribution service called http://www.tubemogul.com -a few less outlets but it does get your video out to the biggies that you mentioned, Rick -and quite a few other ones, too.


    • Rick Smith says:


      Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

      We use TubeMogul too. Last January we met one of the founders of Traffic Geyser, Frank Sousa, when we were on an Internet Marketer’s Cruise. Very approachable and down to earth guy, in fact, he invited us to his suite for some coaching and champagne. He’s more the behind-the-scenes partner.



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