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Forum Marketing Secrets: 5 Reasons You Need To Join Forums

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When you are thinking of marketing strategies, don’t overlook forums. Here are 5 reasons why they are a great economical marketing platform.

1. You can reach a highly targeted audience and potential market. The diversity of forums out there seems to be endless.

Tip: First find and join forums in your niche. It is also a good idea to find related forums.

For example, say you play guitar and jazz is your specialty. You have a video series on how to play some great jazz chords. You can look for forums of beginning guitar players. But you needn’t stop there. From experience I know there are as many forums on different brands of guitars as there are guitars, so you can join all the forums of these guitars where customers of these guitars like to hang out, get in there and start participating.

2. Not only is this a very targeted market, but by its very nature it has demonstrated that it actively participates in discussing products, problems, similar interests, etc. To join a forum you have to make an effort to find it, register and then log in. The positive for you is that you have a market that is actively interested and seeking information or help about that particular niche.

Tip: Because there are always active discussions going on, you can really see the topics this market is dealing with and can tailor your product and marketing message to them.

3. They are usually free or if not, very reasonably priced. Sometimes they are part of a membership program.

Tip: It may be a great investment to join this program to reach this market. Not only would you have access to potential customers, you will also have access to great information and training within your niche. Since you are participating in a niche you are interested in and familiar with, you will get benefit from it outside of the marketing potential.

4. It is a great place to show your expertise and willingness to help people…which increases the likelihood that they may seek you out and buy from you later.

Tip: Do not just go in there and start selling or promoting yourself! Start first by simply participating. Look at what people are posting and then add a comment or, better yet if it is something you can help them with, answer their questions without saying “buy my thing.” Don’t worry, there is a way to get them to your site without being blatant – we’ll discuss how you do that in later posts. Start new threads and discussions. What you are doing is positioning yourself as someone with expertise in that niche.

5. It is excellent for market research. You have a targeted niche who’ll give you fantastic ideas of what type of information they are looking for and most importantly, what they will buy.

Tip: Ask questions and start threads to see if there would be an interest in the specific topic you were thinking about producing a video for. Keep your eye out for new ideas for topics.

For example, Rick was a member of a PT Cruiser owners forum and was following a thread regarding keeping a car detailed and clean. It was through that forum that we connected with car detailer Gary Kouba in Chicago and our DVD, “Keep Your Car Looking New For Pennies A Day” is the result. Of course, when he’s giving his advice, and when asked, he pitches the DVD as a good resource.

These are just a few of the reasons forums are a great tool in your marketing arsenal. Now start to think about what type of forums may be in your niche and go find them. Google is a good place to start but there are all the groups listed in Linkedin and Facebook also.

If you can’t find one, consider starting a forum. Bill Myers Online* has been a great resource for us on setting up forums in profitable niches.

Forums are one very economical tool to reach your audience. In response to an interesting interchange I had with a fellow videographer on Facebook who is concerned that the cost of marketing is too prohibitive to make any real profit selling your own videos, we’ve decided that this will be the first of many posts that we’re going to make on extremely profitable and economical ways you can market your videos. Sign up for our RSS feed so you can be notified when we post on this topic.

*We not only are a member of Bill Myers Online community – at $24.95/Quarterly it’s been a VERY economical and valuable product development resource for us – we’ll also get a small commission if you go through this link and join. If you want to check it out without going through our link, click http://bmyers.com. At the very least, sign up for his weekly tips, there’s lots of good information in those weekly emails.


6 Responses to “Forum Marketing Secrets: 5 Reasons You Need To Join Forums”
  1. What a GREAT post Kim! I just couldn’t agree with you more. Online forums are just the best place to meet prospects who are interested in your products/services. And, of course, the best part is that they are free 🙂

    • Kim Miller says:

      We’ve been a member of a forum exactly targeted to our niche for 2 years that Rick finally started to actively post on…last week! Within this week, we’ve seen a huge traffic spike to our website and 6 sales directly attributed to it. Better yet, the people reading the posts were so appreciative of what he had to offer it just gave us more confidence that there were people interested in what we have to offer them.

  2. Hey Kim,

    Found this from your FB link.

    I couldn’t agree more! Forums are super effective and I am just beginning to discover their full benefits. They’re a great way to connect with others as well as generate prospects and sales.

    Thanks for this!

    Dave Cleinman

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Every time we make a few posts on some really active forums, our traffic goes up. We’ve made so many connections from there that led into sales. So many forums, so little time though!

      Thanks for the comment! Kim


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