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Video Production – 3 More Easy Tips For Better Video

Rick using tripod on a video shoot

It’s the little things that will get you – Part 2

This is the second in a series of short video production tips about how to increase the quality of your production.

Here are 3 more to add to your shooting checklist.

Always use a tripod or monopod

Yes, you see a lot of emulated hand held camera movement on television these days but you really can tell the difference between an experienced camera operator doing this for a specific effect and an amateur. Hand holding does get distracting and can easily be avoided with a tripod. Even if you have your camera set for image stabilization, you will have unsteady shots. These are not expensive at all.

A monopod gives you more flexibility than a tripod and we love to use them for our “run and gun” shots. It isn’t as steady as a tripod it is much more steady than strictly hand held. You can also use it to do interesting angles, like boom shots.

Know when to turn image stabilization off

If you are using a tripod, make sure the camera’s image stabilization is turned off. It can cause jitteriness in your shot because it’s looking for shakiness that doesn’t exist, and it may try to compensate.

Invest in an external monitor

Think about investing in and using an external monitor that you can plug into your camera. For serious shooting, don’t just rely on the little flip out screen. It’s not always practical, but anywhere you have the luxury of setting up your shot, it’s great to have a reference monitor. Nothing is worse than finding out later that your image is out of focus or just soft focus. Such glaring mishaps will be really evident if your other footage is in focus.

Lightweight monitors cost anywhere from $150 to $3,000.

If you want a high definition (HD) monitor, make sure it has HD inputs. Those most likely will be HDMI or component inputs. This type of monitor will cost considerably more than an standard definition monitor, possibly even more than your camera, so it’s not for everyone.

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Video Marketing – 3 Tips Before You Start Posting On YouTube

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If you are selling a video, or other product or service for that matter, don’t overlook the power of YouTube to drive traffic to your site. It has become the 2nd highest used search engine behind Google. But to use it in this way does require Click here to continue reading

Are You Suffering From The Monday Blues? Here’s My Remedy

May 26, 2010 by  
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Rick Smith at work on his internet business with his "partner," Dominic.

I was listening to the radio while driving this morning. Something came on about having the “Monday Blues” and I had a revelation: today is Monday and I no longer get the “Monday Blues.”┬áHaven’t for years. I hadn’t even thought about it.

I used to get them when I worked at a university and had to be in at 8:00 AM on Mondays. It often produced a shortness of breath and a feeling of selling out. It would often even taint my Sundays, because I could see Monday rushing toward me like a signpost up ahead that said, “Time to get back on the treadmill, your life is not your own.”

My wife, who is now my partner in our home-based video production and publishing business, used to work at the university also. She would get so blue on Sunday that I had to be mindful of what I said or what I listened to on the radio or she would get depressed. She was spending her life energy doing something she didn’t feel was her life’s purpose, and it was eating away at her.

Now she is the most energetic, idea-generating person I have ever met. Sometimes her enthusiasm and boundless fountain of ideas is on the verge of overwhelming, but in a good way. Like me, she loves what she is doing with her life now, and absolutely would never trade the freedom of being her (our) own boss for a paycheck again. We’ve burned the bridge on that option. There is no going back.

When I was a teenager back in the 1960s I bought myself a Super 8 movie camera and dreamed of making movies. This was before there was such a thing as a camcorder or VHS tapes, but if they had existed then I would surely have had one. I managed to be in the industry all of my working life, but it took decades for me to take control and be in my own video business making and selling my own products. I cannot tell you how satisfying that is.

Are you working at something that seems like your life’s purpose or do you feel like you’re selling yourself short, trading your dreams and freedom for a paycheck? Are you afraid to take action to make your dream, whatever it is, a reality? I admit, it is scary if you have a family to support and you aren’t sure if you’ll make it on your own. I’ve been there.

However, five years from now you are going to be five years older, whether you start working on your dreams or not. So why not start taking steps now. I wish I’d done it sooner. You don’t have to jump in all at once; you can wade in slowly and test your new business before letting go of your steady job. That’s what I did. Keep track of your progress, keep moving forward knowing that there will be bumps in the road, and enjoy the journey and the rewards of being in control of your life instead of drifting rudderless in the stream. Time is precious, don’t waste it.

If you’re excited about producing and selling your own videos, or like we love to say, “shooting it once, then selling it for years,” sign up for your How To Sell Your Videos Kit below. It’s no cost to you to check out the techniques we use practicing this business model.


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