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You Only Have One Product To Sell…Is It Worth Having An eCommerce Site?

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Q: I only have 1 title, is that enough to start an eCommerce site and try to sell it on my own?

A: Yes, but it is really better if you have a long range plan to add more titles along the same subject line.

When you only have one title, the buying decision for your customer is yes or no. If they don’t buy and you have nothing else of interest to offer them, chances are they won’t come back to your website and that is the end of your relationship.

If they do buy it and they like it, they’ll most likely want to buy from you again. That scenario is where you make your profit. It’s more expensive to initially get a customer than to keep a satisfied customer, so you want to have something additional to offer them so that they continue to buy from you over time.

If you want to do it on your own, setting up a website will take a bit of time and there are some costs involved. To make it more successful and profitable for you, plan on offering more than one title. You may be able to find books or DVDs from other producers that you can distribute along with your own titles in order to quickly expand your inventory.

The other option I recommend is getting a distributor to carry your DVD. Ideally, you want a distributor that is already established in your subject area so that they have customers waiting for your type of program.

Amazon Advantage is another option. You will need to purchase UPC codes to list your items there, but you are immediately exposed to millions of potential customers. However, they also take a significant percentage of each sale and don’t reimburse you for shipping. That can take a big bite out of your profits if you are only shipping one or two physical DVDs at a time, as they do not pay postage to get your inventory to them.

So yes, you can get started with just one title, but for long term success you should be thinking of related titles you can produce.


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