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Why You Should Sell Your DVDs On eBay

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Ebay is another great distribution channel we use to sell our DVDs. We got started on it to sell our personal household items along with our camera and video equipment. When we set up our webstore, we also thought we’d try selling our DVDs and books on eBay as well. We’ve been pleasantly surprised that our sales on eBay have grown immeasurably throughout the years.

Yes, there are fees involved with eBay but eBay gets a huge amount of traffic and it’s such a household name. And the people who are out there on eBay are looking with the express purpose to buy. So why rely only on your website when there are other distribution channels out there? If you don’t enter into any exclusive distribution contracts and own your product, there’s nothing stopping you from doing this. Not everyone will be coming to your “store” and these are other avenues to reach your customers.

One of the top reasons to sell your DVDs on eBay is that your listing will be indexed and displayed by Google giving you added and FREE exposure. I show you what I mean in the above video. You gotta love Google for doing that!


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