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What You Should Know About Twitter (Hint: It’s Why I Love It)

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I love Twitter. I’ll admit it. (For those of you reading this post who found me through Twitter, I know I’m preaching to the choir so bear with me.) It’s one of the first programs I get onto in the morning and I like to check into before I head to bed.

I’ve even found myself staunchly defending it in some heated debates with non-Twitterites, friends and just random people I get into conversations with.

Yes, it’s a great way to connect with your clients and customers, and okay, friends too. And yes, it’s a wonderful tool to promote yourself and your business. (But not too much promoting – that would be spamming!) And heck, I’ll admit it, it’s really fun to “eavesdrop” in on many conversations and see what others are talking about.

But those aren’t the only reasons to love Twitter.

It is a fantastic tool for research!

Research Your Industry

You can research what your industry is up to, what they are talking about. The National Association of Broadcasters convention is coming up so I like to check in to see who is going, what they are going for, the latest technology to check out, whose going to throw the coolest parties, etc. Twitter makes it easy to do this with the clever organizing device of using a hashtag before the topic to be searched on. For those not familiar, the hashtag is the # symbol followed by the word or topic you want referenced. In my case the hashtag is #NAB.

Research Your Market

You can also use the search function to research what your current and potential customers and clients are talking about. This is powerful because you can “listen” to what their problems and challenges are and also join in their conversations. In that way, you can introduce yourself and start to build a relationship.

Research Trends

You can track trends. I admit that’s the only way I knew Justin Bieber was a big pop star…I kept seeing his name under trending topics. (I’m giving my age away here.) This is great, not to only discover the latest teen star but also what is going on in the world and that leads to new ideas for your products and videos.

Research Topics

You can research niches to consider for your videos. You can see what they are talking about in the niche or if anyone is even talking about this particular niche.

Of course Twitter is just one way to use the internet to research. What makes it a powerful tool is its real-time reporting of events. You know you’ll be getting recent information, not stumble upon other information, via a web search, that is years old.

With that, I just thought of a valuable resource I wanted to post on Twitter so I have to go tweet! Want to join me? Follow me at @KimRMiller and Rick at @PanoramaRick.

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