Sunday, January 21, 2018

Discover An Innovative Way To Indulge In Your Hobby…And Save On Your Taxes

Tax day, for better or worse, has come and gone for the year, and for those businesses who operate on a calendar year, you’re already into the 2nd quarter of 2010. You’re well into keeping an eye on next year’s tax implications. And maybe you feel as we do, that even though owning a business has its challenges, one of the upsides comes at tax time. And we like to be able to take advantage of all the tax benefits allowed us, especially in a tight economy. We’ve even found the perfect way to write off many of our interests and hobbies… through producing special interest videos about them.

Imagine taking a 13 day cruise down the Amazon and throughout South America, indulging in your love of sightseeing, hiking, gardening, photography and video… and writing most of the trip off on your taxes? Well, I was able to do just that when I went on a vacation with my mother while I was shooting for the video, The Properties of Soil. All throughout my trip, I was able to plan incredible jungle and hiking tours, take my cameras along, and shoot material for that video. Not only did I shoot images I needed for the video – soil, rocks, foliage, water – I was also shooting for my own pleasure and fun. Not only was most of my cruise a write off, but all of my supplies, equipment, and shore excursions were as well. I have since used my footage from that trip on many other video titles.

In our How To Sell Your Videos Starter Kit, we talk about how to choose a topic. One of our recommendations is to look at your own interests and hobbies for inspiration. That is how we combine our special interest video publishing business with our favorite pastimes. My husband and I plan a few mini-vacations each year with shooting for our video titles in mind. Most recently we were able to shoot at some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in California, visit some exclusive nurseries not open to the public, meet with experts we admire, and stay in some nice areas in southern California in order to get footage for our series on cactus and succulents. And when tax time rolled around, we were able to write most of the trip off. And now that product is out there on the market at

So if saving more on your taxes than you do now sounds good to you, its time you get started in this business. To help you take the first steps, we put together a starter kit you’ll want to access. You also may be interested in our DVDs, Make Money Selling Your Own Videos and My Secrets of Producing Successful Special Interest Videos available at


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