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Video Chasing Your Web Visitors Away? Experts Weigh In

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So I took my “rant” on Auto Play or Not To Auto Play on over to Linkedin Monday and asked the question, “Do you think Auto Play is a good tool to get your visitors attention or does it hurt your marketing efforts?

As of this morning I received over 21 responses and they are still coming in strong. Follow the conversation on Linkedin.

Although many of the people responded agreed with me that auto playing web video and audio was annoying and most likely turns off your site visitor, I am getting some great insight and advice that is extremely helpful in using video to promote my website and products. This is great information for you as well.

So far the opinion is not to do it, give your web viewer the choice, but one responder summed up what is probably the most important thing to consider – what your website visitors think.

Sidra Condron, Director of Marketing at SpyFu, “My opinion (don’t like autoplay) is irrelevant. What matters is what your site visitors think. The only way to find out is to test it.”

Stay tuned as the discussion continues…


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