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Promotional Video: Your Secret Tool To Drive Traffic And Keep Your Viewers On Your Website Longer

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Our client, Joe Clokey with San Luis Video Publishing, asked us to make a promotional video clip of his newest video release to post on one of his landing pages. He bought a sizable email list of teachers and wants to make sure he gets the most bang for his buck on a huge email mailing he’ll be doing this week. What he also wanted, beyond showing just a sample, was an exciting video to not only promote the single title, but the whole series as well.

One problem though…the narration did not really say exactly what we needed it to say – as a promotional tool. It had teaching copy but not SALES copy. Unfortunately, we couldn’t create something that wasn’t there since we didn’t have any of the original files and nothing of that sort was really scripted. We did use the introduction of the video for the promotional clip…check it out at and let me know if you think it works as well as a more targeted promotion would have.

This brought me to an important realization and something I will now always add to my production tasks – you need to also script, shoot and produce separate promotion videos while shooting for your video. Here’s one we did for some educational videos on cacti and succulents at

Since web video has become a key player in your marketing campaign, to not use it to it’s full potential would be foolish. While it is natural for you as the video producer and publisher to show a sample of your video you are selling, to make “commercials” promoting the video is very important as well for use on your own website and for posting on video sharing sites.

The copy you use in this type of video should be focused on converting your viewers to buyers. The clips and music you use should be chosen with that in mind as well.

I recently came across a statistic that said 33% of people will watch a 3 minute video to its end. Now that doesn’t sound all that impressive but then consider this other statistic…even fewer than that WON”T stay on your website longer than 30 seconds. If their attention isn’t grabbed, they will miss all that your website and your products may offer them.

So it makes sense to have a powerful promotional video on your site that will capture your viewers interest and make them want to spend more time on your site. The longer they stay on your site, the more they get to know you, what you have to offer and the more likely they are to buy from you.

So the next time you are shooting a new video, take a lesson from the movie studios who plan their previews and commercials into the shooting schedule and do the same on your production.

Take time to think about your copy and make it as strong and as powerful as you can. Using words like, discover, save and new have been shown to be very powerful and action generating words.

If you have an on-camera narrator, shoot him or her, for the promotional spot as well.

Plan some shots with commercial appeal in mind. For some great ideas, watch television and Hollywood movie previews. Also when you watch your news programs, listen to the words they use to bring you back after the commercial break.

Additionally when you consider that YouTube has become as popular as Google as a search engine, you also want a web video promoting your video on that site as well as the myriad of other video sharing sites out there. Tweak your copy so that it focuses on sending viewers to your website, to sharing it with other people, and to possibly embed it on their websites. When editing the video to go on the video sharing sites, make sure you watermark it with your website URL and any pertinent information so that there is always a way for the viewer to get in touch with you!

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to sign up for free access to our SIV How To Sell Your Videos Starter Kit where we have more information on selling and marketing your videos.

You have my permission to share this post with your readers if you do two things…share it in its entirety and add this blurb at the end, “Shoot it once, sell it for years! To learn how you can sell you own videos, head on over to and sign up for your FREE access to How To Sell Your Videos Secrets: Your Guide To Starting Your Information Publishing Business TODAY!”


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