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Get Over Yourself And Get Your Web Video Out There Bringing You Business

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If you want to use video to grow your business, and you are the best person to promote your business, then you will have to get comfortable being on camera. Today, I go on camera to talk about getting over your fear of the camera lens.

Yes, you can hire someone to be your on-camera talent. But not only can that be very expensive, it is also not as powerful of a marketing tool as putting yourself on camera. Why? Because people want to do business with a person, and if you are the person that they will be doing business with, they want to meet YOU. On a website, you can’t really “meet” all your customers or clients so the second best way is with a video. If they meet you, they get to know you. When they get to know you, they start to trust you. And people like to buy from people they trust. (Look at Toyota’s problems if you don’t believe that!)

And what’s really cool about doing this is that it’s been shown that people trust people they perceive as “real.” So it really isn’t in your best interest to look like you came out of the makeup room at a Hollywood movie studio.

This hit home for me a few weeks ago. One of our clients hired us to videotape her for her site and for YouTube. When she saw the videos, she asked us to take them all off because she hated how she looked. Never mind that it pretty much killed the traffic and business on her site. And never mind that she looked just fine. You see, she had changed her appearance over the last year and not liking how she looked on camera came more from a realization at how she’s getting older and not comfortable with her body’s changes, than the way we shot her. She told us we did just fine, it was her issue. The unfortunate thing about that is that her “issue” is not helping her business or the potential customers who would benefit from her expertise but are not able to get to know her or work with her.

She wants to reshoot later but to be honest we’re not that hot about doing it UNLESS she’s willing to let go of the fact that she’s older and “not perfect.”

So don’t let your own self image stand in the way of using this powerful marketing tool for your business! In my video, you see I didn’t even put on any makeup! This is how I look and I wanted you to see that.

Now, this being said, there are important things to consider regarding your appearance BEFORE you step in front of the camera, but that is a topic for another day.

So get out there and let the world get to know YOU!

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