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Auto Play or Don’t Auto Play: What Is Best For Your Web Videos?

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Auto Play or not Auto Play…that is the question. And also the topic of my short little video today.

I recently ranted about my dislike of auto play on web videos on Twitter and Facebook last week and I hit a nerve. See how others weighed in on this conversation at

Do you find a web video that automatically plays upon opening the website annoying or is it an excellent way to get people’s attention? I would love your opinion.

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2 Responses to “Auto Play or Don’t Auto Play: What Is Best For Your Web Videos?”
  1. Jay Michael says:

    Personally I find it annoying to have a video play when I visit a page. I like to view the page then click the play button if I want to know more. In fact, if there is a video on the page I will click it, curiosity being the factor.
    I wouldn’t yell at customers entering my business so I don’t want to do the same when they visit my page.

    Plus if the video doesn’t capture my attention quickly I figure I’ve seen enough and I click away, or I can stop it.

    9 times out of 10 if I enter a landing page and when a video starts I scramble to turn down the volume and hit the back button. This has already given me a negative attitude about the site. If i go back, I’m prepared for the onslaught of audio & video and I may then hunt for the stop button or mute the sound. In any case the video is not providing me with any useful information because it is muted. IF I’m still interested, I may un-mute the sound and watch/listen further. But the most likely scenario is I’m outta there and never return.

    I know many say this works but I use my own judgment and add a play button then let the visitor decide if they want to watch. It’s what I would want.
    J. Michael

    • PanoramaRick says:

      Thanks for your input, Jay. It sounds like we are thinking along the same lines.

      I plan on doing some further research on this with different landing pages and then check the statistics to see what my website visitors are responding to. We’ll keep you posted



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