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Video Chasing Your Web Visitors Away? Experts Weigh In

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So I took my “rant” on Auto Play or Not To Auto Play on over to Linkedin Monday and asked the question, “Do you think Auto Play is a good tool to get your visitors attention or does it hurt your marketing efforts?

As of this morning I received over 21 responses and Click here to continue reading

Our Top Tips To Getting Your Videos Viral

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Q: We met Mick, a musician and video editor, at a party on Saturday and we got to talking video. He’s been working on a music video of his own songs and would like to make it a viral marketing video so that he can introduce people to his music and convert them to buyers. He asked, “Do you have any tips on getting your video viral?”

A: Well, this is a huge topic and really deserves a deeper discussion than what we can give it today. Here are a few things we told him to consider in getting his viral marketing music video out there.

But before we go further though there is something very important to not overlook here. YouTube is a great viral marketing tool for your business, and one we’ve used with success. However, just putting your video on there is no guarantee it will go viral! We would love to tell you, stealing a quote from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come” but that just isn’t so these days. YouTube has become so big, billions of videos are uploaded in one year, that just putting up a channel and uploading your video, adding a few tags here and there, just isn’t enough. You have to put your marketing hat on.

So here are a few things that are “must dos” before you put your web video out there in order to maximize your success.

1) Make your video very interesting AND short. Under 3 minutes is best. Although a majority of people will click off within the first 30 seconds, I just read last week that 33% of people will watch a 3-minute video to the end if they find it of value to them. This doesn’t mean you have to pull out of the stops and make it splashy, fancy or spend a lot of money.

Just think of what you like to watch. Videos that go viral are usually humorous, awe-inspiring, educational, entertaining, unique, evocative and yes, controversial. Incorporating one or more of these elements in your video will increase your chances of someone enjoying it, connecting with it and embedding it on their website or passing it on to share with others. Simply put, you have to make it interesting and engaging. If you are creating it for a specific target group, create it with their interests in mind.

In searching for statistics for YouTube, we came across a resource you may find valuable if you plan on using YouTube in your marketing plan. The YouTube Report 2009 was written by Peter Ruppert, former Head of Music Information at MTV, and put out by Entertainment Media Research. It’s a critical analysis breaking down exactly what consumers want from your business when on YouTube and offers the statistical breakdown of all user behavior on YouTube from last year. We found it pretty eye opening and incredibly helpful in doing research!

2) Create your video with the express purpose to get it out there. You want people to take it and “plaster” it everywhere so make it public. Make sure in YouTube, Facebook, all those media sites, you have your privacy settings so that everyone can see your video.

3) Have your contact information, name, URL, etc., running constantly through your video. Don’t rely just on the annotations at YouTube or other sites. Since you want people to take your video and put it on their site or send it to their contacts, you want their viewers and the people they email to also know how to contact you in the event they want to check you out. You’re using this like a business card.

4) Really describe what’s in your video and what they will get from watching it. But don’t be too salesy here.

Be educational. Take an idea from a book cover and use copy to get the viewer really jazzed and eager about watching it. You can put a lot of information under the description section in YouTube. Make sure you put your URL in there at the beginning and again at the end and encourage people to contact you. Make this description key word rich as well so that it will be easily found during searches.

5) YouTube is not the only video sharing site out there, although admittedly it is the biggest. There are many other niche and general video sharing sites to consider, and the list is growing all the time. To get your video out there quickly, you can use TubeMogul, which has a free service that will upload it to many sites at once, although you have to first sign up and register with those sites.

Traffic Geyser is a paid service that will not only submit to scores of video sites, social bookmarking sites, blogs and podcast directories with one click, but offers a built-in video maker, a built-in lead page generator and audio file creator as well. This system is the one many top multi-million dollar online marketers use and we were fortunate to meet one of the owners, Frank Sousa on the cruise we took a few months ago…very nice and down-to-earth guy. People could not say enough positive things about Traffic Geyser and what it had done for their business. We have not personally signed up for it yet but have used their offer of test driving it for just $1.00.

6) Oh and make sure you have the right to use any copyrighted music, images and footage! We can’t stress that enough.

There are no guarantees your video will go viral, but if you do all of these things you will maximize the chance that it will be widely seen and shared.

Also if you have a blog and want to share this post with your readers, you have our permission IF you do two things…share it in its entirety and add this blurb at the end, “Shoot it once, sell it for years! To learn how you can sell you own videos, head on over to and sign up for your FREE access to How To Sell Your Videos Starter Kit.

Get Over Yourself And Get Your Web Video Out There Bringing You Business

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If you want to use video to grow your business, and you are the best person to promote your business, then you will have to get comfortable being on camera. Today, I go on camera to talk about getting over your fear of the camera lens. Click here to continue reading

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