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Want To Grow Your Online Business? Get Out Of Your Cave!

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I could just as easily call this article “Get Out of Your Cage.” That’s how my work environment in my online business feels sometimes. I spend too many days in front of my computer, building or updating web pages, editing photos or video, analyzing my web stats, printing out and filling orders, answering email, etc. And of course there are now the obligatory updates for Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m sure you are familiar with this same routine. I love technology, but it can be a trap that eats up your life.

I can easily sit down in front of the computer first thing in the morning and before I know it, it’s lunch time. Then after a quick bite (there is no such thing as a lunch hour when you are self employed) it’s back to work. Suddenly it’s dark outside and another day has slipped by. It’s like the same day keeps happening over and over again.

We recently took a full two weeks away from the office. The first week we were aboard a cruise ship touring the Southern Caribbean. It was an “Internet Marketing Cruise,” and we had the pleasure of being in the company of some very accomplished internet marketers from around the world who work in a vast array of internet businesses.

We did check email at a small cafe in Cozumel, but for that week we were basically off the grid. The following week we were staying with my mother in Florida and visiting my father daily in a rehab facility where he is recovering from a fall last November. Didn’t get much work done there either.

Oddly, rather that feeling like I lost time, fell behind in my work or was slacking, I felt a sense of renewal from the break. Our online businesses chugged along just fine without me staring at the computer screen, willing the orders to come in. It’s all automated. My business partners took care of shipping orders. It’s almost like the business didn’t miss me. As it turned out, we even doubled our sales from the same period last year, in spite of being gone! And that’s the way it can (dare I say should) be. We met many multi-millionaires on this cruise for whom this is their reality. That’s definitely my goal. We’ve put many pieces in place already so if you haven’t done so, you can get some great information on how to start selling your own videos by accessing our guide, How To Sell Your Videos Secrets: Your Guide To Starting Your Information Publishing Business TODAY! on this site.

I think our brains need a vacation from work too. We have to recharge the batteries. (In my previous post, You Know You Need A Vacation When… I share what tricks your brain can play on you when it’s on overload.) I’ve read that about 96% of our quality thinking goes on in the unconscious brain, the part that does the majority of the data processing. Without knowing about it, this part of the brain is always at work, so even though we are not thinking about work with the 4% that is our conscious brain, there is still quality work being done by our trusty nonconscious brain. My feeling is that when we say we’re “tired of thinking about work,” we’re referring to the conscious brain’s need for a break. So, fresh from my January revelation, I’m going to work on giving it one on a regular basis. And you should too.

I’ve read, and experienced this firsthand, that you can issue your nonconscious brain a command, like “solve this problem,” and then go on doing other things. It’s like telling a computer to do a processor intensive task, such as rendering a video file, and going away to do something else while it obediently works away. The key here is to issue the brain a clear command, expect a result, and then let it do its work while you go off and do something fun, like take a cruise, go out to dinner, take a walk or sleep.

Here I am with Donna Fox, Lou Edwards, Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal

During our cruise I met a lot of wonderful people who share my interest in internet marketing. We compared notes about how we do business, things that work and don’t work for us, reaffirmed that the basics of marketing apply no matter what business we are in. We didn’t “work,” but we learned and re-learned things, filing this information away for future reference. Is it any wonder that now our business has seen a significant growth these last few weeks due to that “work?” I don’t think so.

To be truly well-balanced and successful in an internet-based business, or any other small business, we should have all of our systems in place so that we can walk away and things will continue smoothly without us. Web pages should be clear and easy to navigate, shopping cart software should work as expected, and order fulfillment should be handled efficiently whether the end product is digital or physical.

One key piece of advice I took away from the cruise is to make it my number one goal this year to have all of these systems in place so that we can take longer and more frequent breaks from the business without affecting our income. I’ll be honest and say this out loud; I’d like to spend most of my time on vacation while the business does the work, 24/7, 365 days a year. And that is one of the best things about an internet business once you get it all in place.

Hey, the universe just confirmed that I can do this! As I was writing the first sentence of the previous paragraph, an order came in for a digital product. (Yes, I kept an eye on my email as I wrote this – another habit I’m having a hard time breaking.) Our bank account will reflect the sale, the customer automatically got the product, and nobody was involved in the transaction other than the customer. I hope that encourages you because it sure does encourage me.

Enjoying the warm weather on my balcony at sea

Better yet, that customer wouldn’t know I was off enjoying a pina colada on a Hawaiian beach or sitting in a cubicle somewhere. Or in a cave.

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