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Marketing + Good Product Line = One Tired Entrepreneur

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We are at the tail end of a seven week marketing campaign that included direct mail and weekly emails promoting holiday specials and new products. And our busiest weeks aren’t even here yet.

This year we really put a lot of thought and advice into practice with our email campaigns. We took a risk in that we promoted to our customer base and Facebook groups more aggressively than in the past at this time of year by sending out email specials on a weekly basis. The result? Our sales are up 225% over this same period as last year with the costs of advertising and marketing only a few hundred more than what we spent last year. So I guess you could say the risk paid off!

Even though we offered some really good discounts and seemed to practically give many things away for free, the upshot was that the sales for each transaction went significantly up. And some of our customers ordered more than once when the newest special was announced. And the feedback was very positive.

In the coming weeks, we’ll cover some of what we did and go over how well it worked and why. So stay posted if you want to learn how you can double your video publishing income by some tried and true – and very effective – marketing methods.

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We just love this time of year and our customers do too! Now I’m pooped and hear the couch calling me.


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