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Testimonial Videos – 5 Ways To Make Them Powerful

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Testimonials from happy customers on your site is very important and powerful. Video testimonials are even that much more powerful and promote regular and long-term recommendations that will deliver you significant business benefits.

Not all testimonials are created equally. Here are some key items to keep in mind when you are collecting your testimonial videos.

1) Use real customers that have had a great experience with your product or service. You’ve seen ads where they (say) paid actor, not an actual customer. While delivery is important, don’t worry if it doesn’t sound scripted or professional. You want your testimonials to be from real people and believable.

2) Be a director. Coach them to make sure they give you a persuasive testimonial. Since they probably will not be that comfortable in front of the camera, giving them some direction as to the message you want them to deliver will be very helpful.

3) Have them give specifics not generalities about why to do business with you or buy your product. Consider these two statements. “I really liked working with XYZ.” “Before I hired XYZ bookkeeping services, I spent hours on my own books and struggled with learning the software. Now all I need to do is look at my monthly reports and because I freed up 20 hours a month from bookkeeping, my sales have increased by 20%.” Which one persuades and informs you more?

4) Collect as many testimonials as you can and only post the most powerful ones. And don’t stop collecting testimonials and updating them.

5) Be honest and upfront with your customers as to why you want them to give you a testimonial and that it will be on your website. Having them sign a simple model release is a good idea. Make sure they state their name and where they are from. You don’t have to state the exact city or town if they do not wish; you can have them state the area of their county, state or the country. If they are representing a business that is endorsing you, have them state the business name also.

A recent Nielson Company report states, “The recommendation of someone else remains the most trusted source of information when consumers decide which products and services to buy.” 78% of respondents said they trusted – either completely or somewhat – the recommendation of other consumers. Video just enhances this recommendation. Don’t forget to add this key marketing tool on your website.


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