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The Flip UltraHD – Meet My New Camera

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I just returned from DV Expo in Pasadena and I have a lot to report! Whew! First off,┬áthe night before the expo opened I bought a Flip Video UltraHD pocket camcorder at the Pasadena Best Buy so that I would have a small camera to make quick … videos on the fly, ready to upload. Sometimes I just don’t want to lug around a camcorder and this thing is about the size of a pack of playing cards.

FlipCamI honestly didn’t expect that great quality from it but boy, was I wrong. The images are pretty amazing considering this thing only costs $200. As videographers we should all have one of these handy all of the time. I cannot count how many times I’ve missed a good taping opportunity because I didn’t want to be bother with carrying a camera with me. Now there is no excuse. I’ll be writing more about this cool new toy soon. Here is a sample I shot from Pasadena.

[UPDATE] They have discontinued this camera but you can find some on Amazon. We have sold ours and now use our smartphone instead.


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