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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone And Get Started Selling

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We did it! We stepped outside our comfort zone and planned and gave a free teleseminar earlier this week. [It’s now available in its entirety if you sign up for your How To Sell Your Videos Kit.]For those who called in, you may have heard a bit of nerves showing through – although my dad, who was on the call and got some great ideas by the way, said it wasn’t too obvious. That was compounded by the fact that we had a hard time dialing in and then the recording option wasn’t accepting our PIN number. (As videographers, we had a back up plan and recorded it ourselves, so it is available here.) I didn’t realize how much planning and promotion this takes, but it really charged my batteries and as someone who is not that comfortable talking to large crowds, it really challenged me too.

Are you ready to be challenged and to step outside of your comfort zone? That may be what you feel right now when looking at producing and selling your very own video creation.

Maybe you are a videographer who feels confident with video production but you are totally flummoxed with the marketing aspect. Selling your video production services may be comfortable for you – you know your market and how to approach them –  but selling something you created is a different fish altogether. You may wonder what to charge or how you can get your DVD distributed. Do you know how to market on the internet or how to set up your own store?

Maybe you are already selling information products but are stymied about video technology, like what type of camera to use, should you learn how to edit, how do you actually make a DVD or produce a digital download? (You know, you don’t have to do any of those things yourself.)

Just as I was new to connecting with people through a teleseminar, you are new to the special interest video business. So start out the way we did – we started small. Here we are videographers who put a lot of videos on the internet and promote video as one of the best marketing tools available, yet we turn to a phone call for our first “class”. You see, we knew we were going to be nervous and we wanted to get the message out there without being sidetracked by webinar technology we weren’t that familiar with. We’ll be doing that soon enough.

Here is how we started selling our own videos from our own store: we started out by building a simple website, advertising in magazines and keeping our overhead low. You should have seen us when we made that first sale, and it is still a thrill. Just this last week we sold our first digital download of a new video series to a customer in Ireland and we whooped it up!  I don’t know if that ever gets old. I certainly hope not.

The great thing about this business is you don’t have to get in over your head to get started. In fact, we recommend that you don’t quit your day job or walk away from your clients until you are confident that you will succeed. Maybe you only want to do it part time to supplement your income. That’s OK. You just need to take that first step. So what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t done so already, you need to sign up for our newsletter and gain access to our SIV Publishing Guide. It is a powerful resource to help you get started getting your first video out there – so you can do the whooping when you make your first sale.


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