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Use A Long Tail To Get Your Website A Good Ranking On Search Engines

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by Rick Smith
August 6, 2009

In yesterday’s post, I covered one of the key ways to get and keep your website at a page one ranking – consistently changing the content on your website. That is one of the reasons blogs are so great for this. Really sophisticated wordpress templates are available that make your blog look and function like a regular website. We have set up a few of our sites using StudioPress templates and they look very professional. They also make adding and updating content really fast and easy. But just changing content isn’t all you should be doing to enhance your rankings; it matters what type of content you are adding and that is where keywords come in.

Including Long Tail Keywords

Another key component to getting a good ranking is to include long tail keywords. Think about the keywords you are using within your site or AdWords campaign that you are trying to gain high rankings for. The most used are also the ones with the most competition. For instance, if your videos are on the history of women in baseball, a search for this very broad term will return over 41,200,000 results. Getting to the top of that pile is going to be very difficult.

The long tail keywords, or those located along the right-most side of the bell-shaped curve for keyword popularity, might present a more achievable goal when it comes to search engine results pages. A search engine results page, or SERP, is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. Now take a look at the number of results you get from inputting “left handed pitchers who played in American Girls Professional Baseball League” – far less. Incorporating this narrower term may be a better option for your website.

I’ll go into more ways you can use these long tail keywords on your website and also in paid advertising in upcoming blog posts. Be sure subscribe to my feed for this and other topics. I also cover this in my video, Making Money Selling Your Own Videos available at HowToSellYourVideos.com.


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