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Split Testing To Improve Ranking When Using Google AdWords

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This is a continuation on the topic of getting top rankings on Google. In articles posted last week, I touched on the importance of regularly updating the content on your website and how using long tail keywords might be better when it comes to search engine results pages. Today I talk a bit about Google AdWords for those of you who are considering this method of promotion.

If you have already worked with Google AdWords, you know that this can be an expensive proposition, especially if you aren’t getting the results you expect and you just keep throwing money at it. Adwords and other pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be a tough nut to crack but there are a few simple and inexpensive ways you can improve your success with your ad campaign.

Split Testing

When determining the success of your campaign, can you answer these questions? How is your advertising working in terms of page ranking? Is your PPC campaign really driving qualified traffic and upping your position? For starters, you need to analyze the results of your efforts. But how?

Perhaps the best way to determine what ads are most effective is to set up split testing. This refers to dueling ads being run simultaneously, each one with slightly different content. After a month of running these two ads, take a look and see which one resulted in more clicks. Then run a report that shows cost per click for each. A higher number of clicks at a lower cost will better help your ad rank higher in the paid search. Lose the other ad or rework it to be more effective.

You also need to consider your conversion rate. Simply getting clicks is meaningless unless someone buys something or does whatever action you are seeking. You will also want to factor in your conversion rate. In future articles I will share some different ways you can measure your conversion rate.


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