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Get Your Website A Page One Ranking On Search Engines

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By Rick Smith

If you maintain an e-commerce website to sell your videos and other products, you want your site to reach the first page of search engine rankings. Better than that is to be in the top three of the organic search rankings. Why? Those not only greatly increase your chances of getting seen and clicked on, they are free.

I would like to say, and many out there will lead you to believe, that there is some magic fairy dust you can sprinkle on your computer monitor and get this within minutes of launching your site. The bitter truth is that it takes some work to get there and work to stay there, too.

Page rank is based on many things like the architecture of your landing page, time it takes to load, design elements, keyword use, link structure, and other factors (some of which are confusing and seem to constantly change) that determine ranking for particular keywords.

Getting your site on page one and staying there is almost a constant battle due to the vast number of websites that are being created daily. There are a few things you can do, however, to help you get there and maintain your status.

Change Is Key To Page One Rankings

The first and foremost important thing to remember is that where websites and their page rankings are concerned, change is good. Static content will not increase your rankings over the long run.

So the bottom line is to make sure that you add new content often. Every time you make a change and update your content, your site gains the attention of search engine bots. If you run a WordPress blog such as this, your blog posts are automatically pinged, making it easier to get to the top and stay there.

I’ll go into more strategies in upcoming blog posts, so make sure you subscribe to our feed.
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