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Future of Video

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August 9, 2009 by Chris Yates at Huddle Productions

Are you using Video? If so how? How do you see Video being used in the future?

Watch this Video interview with J.R. Atkins who has an interesting idea on where we will see Video next.

Online Video used to be an added bonus now it’s a necessity. We don’t just want to see video we expect it.

1) YouTube is currently the #2 most visited site in the world (Google is #1).

2) 54% of U.S. Internet users consume video online

3) 32% of respondents say they watch more video online than they did a year ago

4) People that watched a video advertisement online, 45% had some sort of measurable response from the ad, and 31% followed through on the advertisement enough to go to the company website and 16% ended up making a purchase (fact provided from mashable.com).

Imagine those kind of numbers on sales calls. It’s obvious that video is a powerful tool but it’s only the beginning.


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