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Broaden Your Product Line To Grow Your Video Business

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If you have or are thinking of making a non-fiction, i.e., special interest video to sell, you may have heard stories where one single video title made its producer millions of dollars and then he retired on a beach somewhere and spends his days sipping mai tais. Well, stories like that are true however, producers results more closely resemble what we have experienced.

In our business, we have offered a variety of video topics from real estate to horticulture. I would like to say we always had a bestseller but the fact is that some of our video product lines sold well while others bombed. Over the years we have discovered ways to help minimize the “bombs” and enhance the “rockets”, by developing successful product lines.

Broaden your product line

Produce more than one video on your product and also consider other products such as eBooks, audio CDs, etc. that will enhance your line. If you only have one product, your customer will either buy it or not. If they do, then you have nothing else to sell them. It takes more work to get a new customer than to sell to an existing customer. If a customer is interested in a subject and they are pleased with your product, they will practically beg you for more. We are asked many times from our customers when new videos will be coming out. Keep the relationship strong by having a continuing line or related products to offer them.

If you don’t have any idea on other media to offer consider this, many people like to get their information in a variety of formats so you see a lot of accompanying eBooks and audio Cds offered with the DVDs (or digital downloads.) On our some of our products, we convert the audio track into an AIF file and offer it separately on a CD, with a DVD or as a digital download. There are programs or services that will transcribe your video to written text and there are many templates out there you can use to format it into a nice pdf. Or you can use an on-demand self-publishing system such as CreateSpace at Amazon.com.

By building successful product lines, we have added several income streams to our business. While some aren’t as strong as others, the total turns into a nice little chunk of change at the end of the day.


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