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The Power Of The Testimonial

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A few days ago I received a pleasant surprise in my email. Jay Michael, who manages the InTheViewFinder blog, sent me a DM (for those of you not on Twitter that’s Twitter lingo for Direct Message). He informed me that he had written a post about my Make Money Selling Your Videos DVD.

What a pleasant surprise! I suspect Jay found my site via my video on YouTube and upon researching, I see he signed up on my mailing list for my newsletters and updates. Jay is a fellow Special Interest Video producer, and who, like me, sells his videos on the internet. He has produced a DVD series on Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus and a recent one on UFOs (a topic I find interesting).

Thanks, Jay! Things like that are golden. In marketing there is nothing more valuable than a totally unsolicited testimonial from a person who knows what he is speaking of, especially if it appears in print or, as in this case, on a professional blog. It is also nice to get connected with like-minded video professionals.

For those of you on Twitter, give him a follow at Twitter.com/AspyRider. You’ll also find articles from him at Videography.com.

I try to do the same thing for others when I find their products or services of particular value. Sometimes I wonder if they recognize the potential of using those testimonials in their future marketing efforts. Equally valuable, if not more so, are critical comments that they could use to improve their product, service or their image in the marketplace.

I hope you will be mindful of the power of both getting and giving testimonials. If you get positive comments from your customers, by all means ask their permission to use them and then take full advantage of them on your website, print materials, direct mail, blog… anyplace current and potential customers will see them.

There are many ways to collect testimonials. I have a very popular guestbook on one of my sites where people write glowing reviews of my father’s book, A Land Remembered, which I sell on that site. This page is one of the most popular pages on the site because people like to read what others have said.

Another way is simply to ask for a testimonial. Don’t be shy about asking satisfied customers to give you a few sentences about why they like your product. I find that most people are flattered when you ask them.

You should also have a contact form on your website where people can easily send comments or ask questions. This also serves to let them know that you are reachable, not walled up inside corporate walls. People like to deal with people.

Now, here is a good example of walking the walk. If you have bought my DVDs, been to my website at website or read other entries in this blog and found useful information, how about dropping me a testimonial to that effect. It doesn’t have to be a thesis – it can be as short as a sentence. You can even leave me a comment to that effect right here after you read this.

Thanks, and best wishes for your business. And if you enjoyed this article, please comment below!

[Update July 2011…Since I wrote this post, Jay has posted some articles here and has become a business associate and a great resource for this blog…all because of a simple testimonial. Now that’s powerful!]


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