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Paychecks And The Rat Race

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Paychecks And The Rat Race
March 24th, 2009
· by Steve Weber (http://stevesclassroom.com/blog/paychecks-and-the-rat-race/)

I talked to an old friend recently who is still in the same “rat race” I once was. She has all the burn-out symptoms I had toward the end. Looking back, I realize the biggest fear I had of leaving the “perceived” security of that monthly paycheck was actually promoted by the monthly payday itself.

Allow me to explain.

With the monthly paycheck, I was boxed into my life by its exact dollar amount. I knew that check was all my time was worth and all I would receive that month…no matter how hard I worked. Therefore, I gauged my monthly expenses as pieces of what I was worth. The very thing I feared most of losing turned out to be the biggest negative of the rat race itself.

Only those who have taken the leap can fully understand this.

When your worth is measured each month by a check someone gives you, it is all but impossible to see what your true potential is. Month after month you equate your worth to the check. You lose virtually all sight of what you truly have to offer the world as you gauge your potential by the check alone.

Once free of “the check”, you begin to see how minimal and unreliable the measure was with respect to your true worth in life.

Do not misunderstand me. Where would our world be without the nurses, waitresses, teachers, and laborers who work for the check? The vast majority of them are happy and meant to be doing what they do.

However, for those of you who hear that discontented voice inside nagging that this may not be your correct place in life, take that as a sign and actually listen to the voice.

The life of an entrepreneur is not all peaches and cream. I cannot promise you that things will always go as planned. However, I can promise you this: The things you fear the most as an hourly or monthly employee are tied directly to your current situation. Once free of that bond, the opportunities to take full advantage of what you have to offer the world dissolve away the limiting mindsets the checks created.

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