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Are You Twittering?

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For years I have followed and learned from one of the biggies in internet marketing, Joel Comm. He has really gotten on the social media bandwagon and on his latest site he is teaching about Twitter. Now I admit I am a total Twitter newbie but that is about to change. I recently purchased his book, Twitter Power, and with that purchase I was enrolled in a 4 week Social Media Bootcamp starting next week. Yesterday he Tweeted about me and my HowToSellYourVideos website to his 13,500 followers. How about that for some huge exposure!

You want in on this latest phenomenon… and a chance to win an iPod Touch?  Join Twitter, then go herehttp://twitterpower.com/win/ and follow Joel.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I take this journey. Let’s all Twitter our way to success!


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