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Are You Twittering?

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For years I have followed and learned from one of the biggies in internet marketing, Joel Comm. He has really gotten on the social media bandwagon and on his latest site he is teaching about Twitter. Now I admit I am a total Twitter newbie but that is about to change. I recently purchased his book, Twitter Power, and with that purchase I was enrolled in a 4 week Social Media Bootcamp starting next week. Yesterday he Tweeted about me and my HowToSellYourVideos website to his 13,500 followers. How about that for some huge exposure!

You want in on this latest phenomenon… and a chance to win an iPod Touch?  Join Twitter, then go here and follow Joel.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I take this journey. Let’s all Twitter our way to success!

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook: Powerful Tools for Your Marketing Arsenal

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It took a while, but I think I am finally getting it…why these new social network sites can be so powerful and important in your marketing efforts.

My wife is way ahead of me on this. She started by attending a session offered at a video conference we went to last year on the subject of social networking. There she learned about LinkedIn. Although I had heard of social networking sites, I never saw a way to incorporate them into our marketing efforts. Late in 2008 things started to fall into place …

First my wife got us on Facebook and we joined up with fellow videographers we had met at the WEVA Expo in August. About this time we started to get sales on one of our new product lines and noticed that the traffic had come from YouTube. I’m big on web stats and am always monitoring where my website visitors come from, and so I started seeing a trend. Then I started to notice how many people came into my websites  from a guitar forum I participate in because they follow the links I provide in my signature file, even though none of my sites have anything to do with guitars (I wish they did). I don’t know if these people buy or not, but it is generating a lot of additional traffic.

What social networking has done is take your local Chamber of Commerce mixers, neighborhood parties, watercooler conversations, clubs and professional associations and made communication international and instantaneous! And the beauty is that they are free. You can now find like-minded people who want to connect with you about any topic out there, and if you cannot find an existing group for a topic you can easily create your own. I have several now and you may be interested in joining my Special Interest Video group on Facebook. This means that targeting your market is much easier and more economical in social media than it is in any other technology I can think of.

Moreover, social networking provides an opportunity for marketers to get close to their clients and customers so much so that they can even communicate directly with them. Dell and several other major corporations have created Facebook groups and allow direct communication with customers, and we’ll see this trend escalate. It is also very powerful in establishing credibility and trustworthiness. People want to buy from someone they can see and ask questions of. Like it or not, this is currently a wave that is too big to ignore.

Now I am just starting on the Twitter bandwagon and I admit, I am a total newbie at this. Stay tuned for more about that journey and as I learn how it can help me in my business, I’ll share that information with you.

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