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You Know You Need A Vacation When …

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Last week Kim and I took a mini vacation of three days in Las Vegas. I didn’t particularly want to go because we have so much on our plate that I felt the timing was bad. I’m the type of person who will just burrow in and work all the time, putting off that vacation until some mythical time in the future when, ha ha ha, you get caught up and the decks are clear. I’m not proud of my delusional thinking, and in fact see it as something I have to work on. Vacations are important.

So, I am at the airport preparing to go through the security shakedown, when I realize that I am wearing two different shoes! This after carefully selecting and packing my clothes so that I won’t feel like a hayseed in the “big city.” This is a direct result of simply having too much on my mind.

As it turned out, we upgraded to an amazing suite at the MGM Grand, a lovely hotel. I swear, our suite was as big as our house.

They had a superb “lazy river” pool which we really enjoyed. By the second day I was beginning to relax and forget about work. By the third day I was in the vacation groove. Unfortunately, it was time to go home already!

Clearly, I have to plan longer breaks, and more frequent ones. I suspect many of my readers are in the same “shoes” as me. You are striving so hard to make your business a success that you are putting off the very things in life that you imagine that success will provide.

I had another epiphany on that trip. The Las Vegas strip is a parade of expensive cars and images of fashion and wealth. I was looking at a ruby colored Mercedes convertible. My first thought was that the person who owned it must be really wealthy. Something inside me suddenly spoke up and said, “Those things are just toys. Nothing you can buy has any real value; they are all just things. The real treasures in life are the people you meet, your loved ones, the priceless memories you store up.” I don’t know if it was an angel on my shoulder or my own inner voice, but it seemed like a moment of clarity.

I don’t mean to preach, but I hope you take a moment to think about your own life, and try to carve out some time for the real treasures in life. Take a vacation!

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