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Boost Sales By Adding More Products

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Whew! I am still catching up from a whirlwind WEVA Expo show in Orlando two weeks ago, followed by some other engagements I had in Florida.

I had to hit the ground running when I got home. As soon as I got back I had to spend some time learning to operate a new distance learning video set up (IP Video Conference Recorder) for a job I’m doing for the College of Engineering at Cal Poly. As much as I wish I was able to just produce special interest videos (SIVs), we have a sudden abundance of well paying client work coming our way, so I can’t complain (but I still do).

My wife and I didn’t fly home as soon as the conference ended since my folks live in Merritt Island, about an hour outside of Orlando. While there, I was able to accept a literery award for my dad in St. Augustine. The reason I mention it here is that video I did on my dad is the product that launched me into selling my videos over the internet, which led me to learning how to design and build my own websites, integrate a shopping cart to process orders, work with Google and other search engines to get my sites found on the internet, etc.

Before that, I worked strictly through distributors, catalogs and direct mail marketing, which is very expensive. Since I started selling on the internet, my business has increased significantly every year, so much so that that little site dedicated to my father’s DVD and books alone gives us a good annual income. Check it out at

One of the important lessons I learned from that was why it is important to expand your product line. If I only sold the DVD my sales would not be as high as they are because once a customer bought the DVD I would have nothing further to sell them. A significant portion of my sales are now due to the books I added. I only make about 45% profit on the books, but then I just have to stock them for the website. I didn’t invest any time in producing them, so they give me a good sales boost for little effort. I always encourage people to find related products to sell along with their SIVs. As if to emphasize my point, as I wrote this a large order just popped up in my email that consists of a combination of DVDs and books. That thrill never gets old!

I’m happy to report that even in this slow economy, my business is up 50% from last year at this same time. One of the key reasons is that with the price of gas, people are shopping more online as a convenience. This applies to my consumer websites. My business oriented websites, like and others, are growing because I work hard to promote them, and people perceive that they are getting good value, and they are.

No matter how great your product is and how cool your website is, you won’t sell much if you don’t spend the time to market the site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an industry built around getting your website found among the millions of sites on the internet. I’ll have more information about SEO in the future. It is an important and complex topic.

In the meantime, I hope you are either thinking about producing your own SIV products, or perhaps are already in the process.

Until next time,

Rick Smith

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