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The Power of a Press Release, Part 2

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The power of a press release was once again demonstrated for me in late April.

In January, I sent the Living Arts section reporter of Florida Today a copy of a new book – A White Deer – we published along with a press release. I was hoping she would read it and give it a good review. I didn’t see anything for awhile and frankly, I gave up.

Well, last Sunday I woke up, went to my computer before I stumbled upstairs to start the coffee and was pleasantly shocked at what I saw. There in my email in-box were several orders, and they kept streaming in all day!

The reporter had finally come through and printed a nice review in the Florida Today Sunday paper. We not only sold many copies of the book but because she had referred people to my website – – we had purchases on other items as well. It took us most of the day on Monday to package all of them! And the flurry didn’t stop until Thursday or so.

What really added to this release was the fact that the reporter did a review, added her own opinions and some excerpts from the book, and highly recommended it. Although I thought that I had gotten the word out to my customer lists, many of them ordered and said that this was the first time they heard about the new book. I then realized that it is time for a new PR blitz.

This is another an great example of how a little free press can boost your business, sometimes permanently. As I said in my previous blog post, newspapers and journals don’t have writers looking for news about your product. You have to be proactive and send it in to them in the form of a press release, also called a news release. And if you send them a copy of your product, you may even get the additional power of a great review!

It isn’t that hard to do this but it needs to be done in a correct way so that your release won’t be tossed in the trash. I’ve written a special report on how to write and submit press releases. It is available to you free by filling in the form below. I’ll also send you periodic tips and resources to help you market your video business.

Go to my website here and sign up for your free guide to writing and using press releases.


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