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As If I Don’t Have Enough On My Plate!

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Last month we started production on a new video about how to produce your own videos. My efforts to this point have been to show you how to prepare and market a special interest video, but I just assumed (wrongly, apparently) that most videographers would know how to produce one.

Here’s the story: Last January, I spoke at the Video 08 conference in Orlando about marketing your Special Interest Video thinking the videographers present already knew the production skills. Many people came up to me with questions on what goes into organizing and producing this type of video; they understood how to shoot a wedding or event video, but didn’t really know how to approach it from the perspective of planning and producing a carefully scripted video. So, a new video idea was born!

I am currently in production of a series of videos on growing cacti and succulents, targeted to high school horticulture teachers, so I thought I would take you along on what I do to plan and produce a video to sell. Following is a little excerpt from it. We hope to have it available in August. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter if you wish to know when it is done.

Excerpt From How To Produce A Special Interest Video


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