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The Power of The Press

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Last weekend a small daily newspaper in southern Florida ran an article on a partner of ours with whom we produced a DVD. Check it out at The Villages Daily Sun. I don’t know how long it will be online.

He was there on a speaking engagement and, being a smart marketer, made an appointment with a reporter. In the article they announced that he had a DVD available at his website Saturday, the orders started coming in. And because we sell more than just that DVD (see what I have to say about cross promotion) we had customers buying other products. And now they have discovered our site as place to purchase books and DVDs that they hadn’t come across before.

As a result of this article, web visitors quadrupled and traffic has been above the previous normal ever since. And this from a local newspaper with a readership between 50,000 and 60,000. Now this reporter found Butch’s visit newsworthy and you may ask, how does this relate to my business? It is an excellent example of how a little free press can boost your business, sometimes permanently.

Newspapers and journals don’t have writers looking for news about your product. You have to be proactive and send it in to them in the form of a press release, also called a news release.

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