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How To Make The Most Of AdWords Advertising

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by Trevor Ganderson

Google has designed a very effective internet marketing strategy in AdWords advertising. Based on the concept of “keywords”, the idea involves “intelligent” placement of Ads on relevant websites, so as to ensure that only the most highly targeted traffic is directed your way through those Ads. You have the option of both text Ads as well as banner Ads. Google has specified certain size parameters, and your Ad units must abide by those parameters. Text Ads must consist of 2 lines of text, along with a header line.

Quality Is The Keyword! No matter what you eventually sell on your website – whether it is a complete product range regarding something, or some services, or even a simple affiliate marketing plan – you must have quality content on your website. The quality of your website content determines the price of your AdWords advertising. It also determines the amount of revenue generated by the “hits” resulting directly from this advertising.

It might seem like a good idea to use a misleading keyword phrase in your Google AdWords campaign in order to direct more traffic towards your website, but always remember one thing. Net surfers are not stupid! They know what they are looking for. And if your AdWords advertising says you are selling carpets, but there is not a single mention of carpets anywhere on your website, your visitors won’t convert into your customers just because they have reached your website, so they might as well buy something!

On the contrary, such kind of misleading AdWords advertising can have the very opposite effect! It can completely destroy your brand reputation and market credibility. It can cause the search engines to hate you. It can even lead to a “Google Slap”, which is what happens when Google increases your bid prices for the AdWords because of irrelevant website content and low page ranks on search engines.

Targeted Audience The importance of relevant AdWords advertising cannot be emphasized enough in making your Google AdWords campaign a successful marketing venture. Internet surfers like websites that provide what they advertise. Even more important is that your Ads should be relevant to the particular market segment you are targeting at. For example, if you are selling health products related to asthma, mention something about the discomfort experienced by asthmatics – such that it touches an emotional chord inside them somewhere, compelling them to check out what you’ve got to offer.

Most Internet marketers are still not able to make the optimum use of AdWords advertising. As a result, they simply end up paying unnecessary costs without sufficient conversions into revenues. Moreover, the bid prices of the AdWords also go up if the landing page of your website is not completely related to the keywords used. But if you make use of the tips provided above, you can easily gain a pretty decent advantage over your competitors, with increased revenues and reduced cost of advertising.

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