Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel

In this blog I’ll be adding lots of articles about how to intelligently select video topics to pursue that have a high probability of success. Choosing topics is part science, part intuition and, admittedly, a touch of good luck. You should pick topics that will be profitable, but also ones that you enjoy. If you have a topic you are interested in, you’ll be more motivated to follow through with marketing and producing follow-on products.

We’ll go through a lot of good research methods in future articles and in an upcoming video. However, today I’d like to tell you about a personal experience that very well may happen to you, too.

Due to YouTube and hundreds of other video outlets, many of them free, there are a lot of video clips floating out there in the internet cloud. Most are free and some are for a fee. Some are pretty good and some are awful.

My own experience is that a couple of years ago I produced a DVD about car detailing. There didn’t seem to be that many competing products out there, and I felt I had a big name expert to work with. Plus, I let my emotions talk me into it because I was temporarily interested in the subject due to a new car I was enjoying.

My sales have dropped off and I was wondering why. When I started digging around on the net I found several sites giving away perfectly good videos on detailing. Some were promoting their detailing products, but some were not.

eHow is an organization that pays videographers a modest fee, I think it is around $300 – $500 per title, to produce short videos for them on a wide range of topics. Turns out they have posted a lot of videos on car detailing which they are giving away free. (They make their money on advertising). I really feel the sudden abundance of free car detailing videos has killed the market for mine.

My message here is to look around and do your homework before embarking on a new special interest video production. The internet is changing everything, and the amount of content on it is increasing. Look at places like eHow to see if they are giving away videos like the one you are considering. The great thing about the internet is that search engines like Google do a darn good job of researching for you.

Finally, don’t let your emotions push you into producing something. Be objective when considering new titles, and do “due diligence” to find out if the is a market and if the need has already been filled by existing product.

Always keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities, which are around every corner.


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