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The ABCs of Choosing Domain Names

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Everything on the Internet starts with a domain name!

I know that may come off as a bit over reaching – but its true. From email to news, search, video or anything else on the Internet – you have to know where you’re going which is only achieved by a domain name.

The ABC’s of domain names, which as a title may come off as a little corny to you, is an exercise that makes you think about your industry or business, what you’re doing in it, and how you go about doing what you do as it relates to domain names. The use of the ABC’s format is to provide a simple, back to basics approach to deliver fundamental concepts that provoke thoughts, ideas and questions on domain names and how they are a part of your world.

So, whatever all of that means – lets dive into the ABC’s of domain names and find their relevance in your line or work, personal life, hobbies, educational background, experience or special areas of interest to see what jumps out and comes naturally to you:

A: Advertising – domain names offer the perfect venue to advertise your product or services or to provide potential revenue by domain parking and/or affiliate programs.

B: Branding – the brand is in the name. Having a great targeted domain name can really build a brand, or can actually be the brand (eg:

C: Community – the Internet is all about an interconnected community. Through domain names, you create a real destination and an identity for what can become a community.

D: Direct Search – having a generic word based domain name is your best path to direct search traffic. Direct Search is here to stay and will likely take an increasing share of the overall search marketplace. Direct search bypasses the likes of and as the user types in the destination site directly into their browser (ie:

E: Ecommerce – want to conduct business online – you need to start with one primary thing – a domain name. Ecommerce is one of the leading uses of the Internet.

F: Friends & Family – connect with your friends and family with domain names – either by email, your favorite websites, or photo sharing sites and videos, etc.

G: Global – synonymous with the Internet – domain names (particularly .com) have mass broad appeal on a global basis, with global potential.

H: High Returns – where else can you buy a piece of virtual real-estate for $8.00 and sell it within a matter of weeks or months for over $1000? just sold for $9.99 Million in March of 2008.

I: Investment – domain names are appreciating more than any investment for the price. Similar to investing in stocks, bonds, real estate or insurance – domain names offer what I believe to be stable long lasting appreciation with the potential to create astonishing returns. Want to learn more about domain investing – you can always check out

J: Justify – Justify your web presence and online business with a great domain name that demonstrates who you are and what you do.

K: Keywords – domain names can be based upon major key words for your industry or target market. Just the same, the key words you use in your Internet marketing can be generated from the domain name you choose and how it relates to your target industry/product/service/noun/verb.

L: Localization & Location – targeting niche audiences by location and a specific geography has proved to be a very strong, identifiable marketing opportunity for anybody online. Embracing localization for your domain investment objectives is a great path to consider.

M: Monetization – making money and creating multiple sources and streams of income are the cornerstones to the potential and reason why people buy savvy domain names.

N: New Markets to seize – new products and services are always being launched, just as new companies and markets are being formed. Finding with a good strong domain name to capture the essence of your business or target market for your online presence is always a great starting point.

O: Organization – a domain name is the perfect way to identify with your organization. Whether it’s a product, service, or brand – your domain name is your face on the Internet.

P: Profits – Domain are a great way to make money and profits. Invest wisely and you can find yourself with a great windfall.

Q: Quest – Like any business venture, you are on a quest to explore, learn and make money.

R: Revenue – domain names offer a myriad of ways to generate revenues. There are numerous ways and avenues to generate revenues with domain names, however, in some cases are closely held ideas and resources. Becoming educated about domain names and being focused on creating a long lasting business is a great path towards generating revenue.

S: Search Engines – Search engines are the gateway to choices on the Internet and essentially, a directory of domains classified by the type of information, product or service they offer. Search engines are a powerful marketing tool and a source of traffic for the domain name owner.

T: Technology – simply, without technology, there are no domains, websites, search engines, email or the like. The beauty of domain names is that you really don’t have to understand or learn too much technology to get started, or to make money.

U: Unique Users – people coming to your website/domains generate traffic. The more unique users that visit your website – the more traffic they create. The more traffic – the greater the value. The best way to create long lasting value with domain names is creating a venue where a consistent and growing base of unique users visit your domain name/website.

V: Virtual – Domain names are virtual real estate. Some represent ocean-front property while others can represent sky scrapers, apartments or vacant land in the middle of a barren desert. Build your portfolio of virtual real estate for the longer term or flip your domain name for a quick sale and profits.

W: World Wide Web – The world wide web and its beginning started with domain names and/or their underlying numerical identities. With the advent of the world wide web, email, search engines and the increasing convergence of communications and media – business and industry has created high demand and appreciating values for good domain names.

X: The X Factor – there is a mystique and certain unknowns regarding the true value of domain names, how to create revenue and profits, and what strategies are best to create traffic to your domain name or website. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are to dive into the domain name world – the better off you are in managing the X Factor when it rears its head.

Y: You – buying, selling, and owning domain names is a reflection upon you, what your goals are, where your interests lie, and how you want to make money with this virtual real estate. You need to decide what your objectives are and how you are most comfortable in approaching your investment and dedication towards making money with domain names.

Z: Zeal – approach your domain activities with passion and enthusiasm. The more positive your thinking and focus is with domain names – the better you will be able to manage it, be prepared, and have an open mind to seize new opportunities and make money with your domains.

We hope you enjoyed this article and find that each time you read it you take away something new and different that can add value to your world of domain names.

This article is written by Chris Kern. Chris has been a serial entrepreneur, corporate finance specialist and domainer for the past 13 years and is the author of the authoritative resource book on domain name investing “How To Make Money With Domain Names” which can be found online at: “Everything On The Internet Starts With A Domain Name” is a Service Mark of Chris Kern.

Adwords Makes My Head Spin

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I’m about halfway through an 8-hour DVD course on using Google Adwords to promote your business and my head is spinning.

I’ve been using Adwords for about 4 years and have spent thousands of dollars advertising with them, so I’m not a newbie with this system. However, after just going through two of the DVDs, I feel so excited about the insights I have into Adwords.

In case you don’t know what Adwords is, it is those ads that appear down the right hand side of the page when you do a search on Google. Almost anything you search on will trigger a few ads and sometime it will trigger hundreds of them and many pages.

Adwords can be a very effective way to reach your target market or it can waste your money. I’ve wasted more than my share but also generated a lot of the right kind of traffic to my websites. Learning to generate a lot of the right kind of traffic for the least amount of money is what this course is all about, and it is well worth the rather large investment I made in it.

Keep checking back as I share with you some of the gems I’m getting out of this course.


Rick Smith

How To Project Your Special Interest Video Income

How much can you make with special interest videos? Like all things … it depends. Not the clean answer you’d like, but it does depend on many things.

How many copies do you think you can sell? At what price? What is your production cost. These all factor into your profit.

It is an important business exercise to do some pro forma projections before jumping into a project. You have to have a large potential market, high sales price, or both, to make a significant profit. And then of course you have to follow through with marketing to let your maket know about your product.

Here is an excerpt from the DVD, How to Make Money Selling Your Own Videos that shows what the potential gross sales from special interest programs can be. You can make this spreadsheet yourself in Microsoft Excel.

{Do The Math}

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